Privacy Policy

When a client visits our website, our system collects basic user information which is provided by the client's internet browser and the clients ISP. This information includes your ISP domain, the time that you accessed our site, the pages that were visited, and other information that isn't personally associated with the end user.

During the course of the visit we may use cookies, which are small pieces of information stored on the end users' computer. Cookies let web based applications to identify the user as an individual rather then a part of a group. This information is only collected to improve the quality of service that is offered by Eenvo, so we can tailor solutions to your needs, likes and wants. At any given point you may take the time to disable cookies from being stored on your computer, but this many hinder user experience and in some cases may prevent users from logging into Eenvo client systems.

Personal information about our clients are collected and held for billing and statistical purposes only. This information is kept secure and is never divulged or sold to third parties except as noted below. Personal information (pertaining to your data stored on our servers) is not shared with other clients or to third parties except as noted below.

We reserve the right to divulge information about clients or site visitors to authorities or appropriate private parties such as ISPs during an investigation and when proper state or federal warrants are provided.